Saddle Rings & Studs!
high quality replacement
SADDLE RING ($7.00 each)
SADDLE RING & STUD ($25.00 each)
(plus $2.50 First Class or $6.00 Priority Mail)
Correct Winchester dimensions.

saddle ring saddle ring and stud

We couldn't find any decent ones, so we just made these ourselves for our own guns and a few extra to sell. You liked these so well, boys, we will continue to make them.


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How to replace a saddle ring on a Winchester 1894

removed ring

Many saddle ring carbines have the ring removed.

remove stud

The stud is threaded into the receiver and can be removed (counter-clockwise) with a punch.


remove with square jaw wrench

Or a square jawed wrench, if needed.


leave carbine

You can leave the carbine on the bench for now.

dimensionally correct saddle ring

Make sure your replacement saddle ring is dimensionally correct. Many aren’t. Ours are.


removing blue

If the replacement ring is blued, youcan remove some of the blue with fine emery paper of steel wool.


stud on sadde ring

Slip the stud onto the saddle ring.


ring in vise

Clamp the ring (stud attached) into your vise.


clamping ring

Clamp the vise until you just pass center, it will spring back a little.


clamping ring sides together

Turn the ring down, and squeeze the two sides as tight as the vise willforce them.


brass punch

Re-grip the ring in your vise, and use a brass punch to bring both sides straight.


gap in ring

There will be a slight gap in the ring.

tweak the ring

Gripping the ring on an angle, tweak the ring . . .


smooth ring

a few times until it is straight…smooth.


remounting stud on receiver

Now you can remount the stud on the receiver.



Use a square jawed wrench to tighten.